Ivanka Trump: Hot New Book Teaches Life Lessons in Business and More


Ivanka Trump‘s new book The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life, is an ode to powerful women and a guide on how to become one. Trump says she became motivated to write a book on career decisions based on her own personal experience after an overwhelming amount of people began writing to her asking for advice. From “teenagers and people in their 30s-plus,” she says, people over the years have wanted to know what makes the beautiful power player so successful. For one thing, her name can’t hurt, but it’s no illusion that the heiress is an intelligent, hard-working woman to boot.

Currently the vice president of daddy’s company the Trump Organization, Ivanka has worked hard to get there, despite the label she may be given along with types like Paris Hilton and Vanessa Traina. She even turned down a job offer from Anna Wintour because she was so determined to seal her future in the real estate world. Her book not only reveals the personal secrets for success that helped her climb the ladder, but it takes wisdom from other current well-known figures like Tory Burch and Arianna Huffington to bolster the average woman’s confidence, helping her to fulfill her goals in her career, and also in everday life.

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