The word love couldn’t possibly cover the wide range of positive emotions we are feeling right now for IVANAhelsinki. It’s not just because of the graphic prints adorning leggings, bags, dresses, and tees; oh no. It’s also for Finnish designer Paola Ivana Suhonen’s propensity for color, crazy interesting shapes, and ethical manufacturing techniques.

The collection, based on “Slavic melancholy and Scandinavian moods”- whatever that means- is hand-made in Finland with sustainably harvested cotton, silk (a material requiring no pesticide use) and lots of love. The designs are especially intriguing for ladies who never got over their “What’s your favorite animal? Mine is a tiger! Rarrrhhh.” phase.

These conversation pieces are are great for rocking to concerts (perfect for dancing to “Wildcat” by Ratatat or better yet, worn to stuffy cocktail parties. Lively up that scene, tiger girl. Their collaboration with TopShop gives IVANAhelsinki even more street cred.

To grab these and other ethical fashion looks, head over to Beklina, a sweet online eco-fashion retail site.


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