Ivana Trump’s Favorite Item in Her Closet is Her Dog

Spencer Cain

screen shot 2012 09 11 at 1 20 02 pm Ivana Trumps Favorite Item in Her Closet is Her Dog

It’s no secret that New York Fashion Week is crawling with celebrities, socialites and everybody in between. Chances are, you’ll be sitting at a show peering into the front row trying to decipher every face, and then you’ll come across one you recognize but haven’t thought of in years. That happened with me earlier today when I spotted Ivana Trump, famed ex-wife of Donald Trump and mother of Ivanka.

While standing outside of the Vera Wang show, I spotted Ivana and a hunky younger Italian man. Naturally, when you see Ivana Trump chilling in Lincoln Center, you approach her. She allowed me to ask her a few fashion-related questions, which you can read below.

StyleCaster: So what’s your favorite part about fashion week?

Ivana Trump: Fashion week, of course, is all about watching the new fashions and styles and things like that. And I really love the chaos and the fun around it — and the parties!

What clothes are you most excited to wear this upcoming season?

Well you know, I’m already set for next season. We’re talking another season now! But it depends, you know? It depends on the day, it depends where I am. I am traveling all over the world so if I’m in the Europe, I try to be a little bit more fancy and in America, it depends. With the business meetings and stuff like that, I try to be more conservative. It depends on situation and time and where I am.

What’s your favorite item in your closet?

My dog! Favorite item in my closet, my dog! His name is Tiger. He knows when I’m going into the closet and I’m going out, I’m getting dressed and he doesn’t like it because he wants to go with me. Always wants to go with me!

Ivana then chuckled playfully with her Italian friend, and stepped away into Vera Wang.