It’s Still Spring, People: 4 Summery Things You Shouldn’t Be Wearing Yet

Perrie Samotin
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Guess what? There’s still 35 days till summer starts.

Pssst, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: It’s still spring! Yes, we’re all excited that the weather’s warming up, and we’re just as thrilled as you are to not be bundling up in a gazillion layers, but unless you live in a part of the country (or the world) where it’s perpetually 85 degrees and sunny this time of year, the fact remains that is still May. Not July.

This means that while the sun might be out—and it well may be a glorious afternoon—we can probably all agree that it’s not sweltering to the point where we desperately need to bust out shorts, little tank tops, flowing white maxi dresses, and Saint Barths-ready sun hats.

While we’re all for swapping in some key spring pieces, wearing lighter fabrics, and retiring the heavy black tights when you’re wearing a dress, we also believe in not jumping the gun, seasonally. That said, here are 4 things you shouldn’t be wearing until summer officially arrives.

1. Leave the flip flops at home.
Yes, we know there’s a large subset of people who absolutely live for flip-flops, but here’s what: They’re beach shoes, or at least shoes you wear when it’s just so sweltering outside you simply can’t bear the thought of actually having to wear things that don’t expose 99% of your foot’s surface area. Be honest: Would your body temperature rapidly shoot up in a simple pair of flats or cute little ankle bootie? Probably not. While we’re on the subject, we think girls should retire the flops entirely—save for pool days or post-pedicures. Time and a place, people.

instagram aahay18 Ashley Hayes

Nope, not time to bust these out yet.
Photo: Instagram/aahay18

2. Denim cutoffs, short-shorts, or any of type of romper.
Nothing says “dog days of summer” better than a trusty pair of denim shorts or a little floral romper, but you probably don’t need to break ’em out when it’s 63 degrees and partly sunny. If it’s a particularly warm day and you absolutely will pass out if you don’t show your legs, why not go for a slightly above the knee skirt? We promise, you won’t faint from heat exhaustion.

denim cutoff shorts

Too soon.
Photo via Anine Bing

3. Anything sleeveless or strapless—without a jacket or a long-sleeved top.
We can’t tell you how many times—starting in April—we’ve seen girls on the street around 5 p.m., arms akimbo, shivering on their way home from work. Why? Because not needing a full-length down coat seems to translate to “I absolutely don’t need any sort of coverage on my arms, my chest or my back.” Now, not only does this look off, but it also makes no sense considering we’re pretty sure most girls own one of the following: a cardigan, a denim jacket, a blazer, a leather jacket, a long-sleeved shirt, a light sweater, a hoodie, a fleece, a sweatshirt, maybe some elbow length gloves. No, you don’t? Really? Use this weekend to go shopping, girl.

 Its Still Spring, People: 4 Summery Things You Shouldnt Be Wearing Yet

Take a cue from this blogger and save this cute outfit for the dead of summer.
Photo via Pair and a Spare

4. Dramatic straw hats with enormous brims
Indeed, wide-brimmed straw hats can be quite glamorous—preferably by a pool somewhere, cocktail in hand. Or at least on sticky summer days when shielding your eyes and face from the sun is absolutely imperative, as opposed to semi-sunny spring afternoons when the rest of us are still getting used to retiring our knit beanies. Gotta wear a hat? Save the drama for summer, and reach for a small bowler or basic Panama style instead.

big straw hat

You probably don’t need a hat of this magnitude just yet.
Photo via TheFancy

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