It’s a New Era for Caps

Jessica Hoppe

Forget your summer feodora, the Panama hat, et al, there’s a new trend in town.

Over the weekend I spotted the most adorable guy. He wore Polo trunks, a white tee, espadrilles and a baseball cap. But instead of getting his number I got the details on how to steal his hat swag.

If you’re going to rock a baseball cap you go to New Era. With an 88-year-old tradition of creating quality products that transcend time and trend, New Era has done it all from collaborations with Spike Lee to gracing the runways of Paris fashion week.

They have now teamed up with The Coca-Cola Company to produce the most sought after group to date, the “Drink Logo” Collection. Check out all the styles on Highsnobeity.

You’ll find these caps aren’t just for the ballers anymore.