It’s Monday. Why not party?


Mark: Janice, remember that time we pretended that it was Friday? Let’s booze and pretend it’s Friday again.
Janice: Um. It’s Monday…

For those of you who are not opposed to staying out past your bedtime on a school night:

1. The Shins are playing tonight at Terminal 5. Considering the change ups to the band’s line up recently, I wonder how they’ll sound.

2. Passion Pit is hosting their, “Manners” record release party on The Temptress. Wow, that came out really bad. I should clarify: The Temptress is a boat and it’s leaving from the World Yacht Marina tonight at 7PM.

Couldn’t get tickets for the tonight’s main event? Check out these impressive shows and spend the saved money on a Venti black eye from Starbucks tomorrow morning. You’ll need it…

1. The Beets (one of L Magazine’s favorite New York City bands) are playing The Bell House tonight at 7:30.

2. The UK’s Little Boots will be beat boppin’ at Le Poisson Rouge. Ohmigod, so European. Go if you think you’re fancy. Loves it.

3. The Vaselines are playing Music Hall of Williamsburg at 8PM.

Fortunately, all these shows are relatively early so you should be able to get a little sleepy time in before heading back to the office.