6 Pieces That’ll Make Your Butt Look Amazing

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No matter what you call it—booty, junk in the trunk, cake, booteus maximus, or round derrière—there’s no denying butts are having an especially, well, big moment right now. To celebrate, we’re dedicating the week to all things ass-inspired—from Kim Kardashian, to specialized workout plans, style tips, confidence-boosters, and more. Welcome, readers, to Butt Week.

We can remember a time when all we wanted was to make our butts look smaller, and women desired nothing more than to trade in their round derrière for something with a little less junk. Now, things are definitely different–whether we have pop culture icons like Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé to thank, or fashion is simply finally coming around to the fact that a bit of booty never hurt anyone, it’s tough to tell.

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So, in the spirit of emphasizing that ass, we rounded up six things your wardrobe needs to that butt look even better. Because you know what they say: No one ever wrote a song about a girl with a small booty.

How to make your butt look good.

Skirt, $15.60; at Forever 21

 1. If you want to amplify an ample butt, pick a plain, fitted pencil skirt that will follow your curves. Opt for a thick fabric with a slight amount of stretch to pickup and perk up your behind.

How to make your butt look better.

Tailored High-Rise Flares, $198; at J Brand

2. We’re seeing a huge return to ’70s styles at the moment, so flares are set to become the gotta-have-it shape of the season. Trend value aside, flared cuffs emphasize and balance a big bottom in a way no other silhouette can.

How to make your butt look better


Tate Ankle Boots, $159; at Tony Bianco

3. If you choose boots with stiletto heels this winter rather than a flat pair, the extra height will make your butt look perkier, rounder, and better. Cue: Sir Mixalot lyrics.


 to make your butt look good. Cameo No Diggity Skirt, $190; at Fashion Bunker

4.  Whether you’ve got booty to work with or not, a midi skirt with a trumpet hem will give you lend you some ‘Yoncé curves.

Clothes that make your butt look better.

Givenchy Jersey Skirt, $1,014; at Net-a-Porter

5. Flat bottoms will benefit from a clingy, jersey wrap skirt that hugs you in all the right places. Picking a printed fabric will also create the illusion of a rounder derrière.

Clothes that make your butt look better

Jimmy Crop Leather Black Pants, $899; at Paige Denim

6. If you’ve never noticed the pocket placement on your pants, you’re probably doing yourself a massive disservice. Pockets have the power to lift, flatten, emphasize or sag a booty, so you better be paying attention. Avoid bulky flaps or details, and pick a basic, mid-size pocket if you want the most flattering finish.