Italian Vogue: You’re Invited To Hang Out In Their Offices!

Kerry Pieri

Vogue Italia December cover

Franca Sozzani penned a book entitled I capricci della moda (The whims of fashion), a series of editor’s posts from the website. The subject matter include typical fair like shopping addiction (those in glass houses…), photography and the process of creating the magazine. It seems a bit odd to sell a bound version of info people can read for free online, but when in Rome! I don’t even know if that chich works here, but we are talking Italians.

The cool part is that in order to get some sales off the ground, the bohemian of the fashion world, Sozanni is inviting people into the Vogue offices to hang out with peeps like Donatella Versace and Angela Missoni from now until Sunday (presumably there’s downtime, and it’s not like a Vogue Italia fabulous sit-in). All readers have to do is sign up on the website and they’re in only 40 have done so so far according to WWD.

Franca explains her logic to the trade, Ive realized that there are so many people who would like to share this experience, see how Vogue is put together and know more about fashion. She’s calling the open-access event the “Vogue Experience.” And you thought you had to be born on Greenwich, Connecticut, have a trust fund or marry well to get access to Vogue. Only in America apparently!

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