It Costs $33,000 Per Year To Look Like Tracy Anderson

Leah Bourne

tracy anderson casual 1 It Costs $33,000 Per Year To Look Like Tracy AndersonWe’ll be the first to admit it—we are a bit obsessed with super star fitness guru Tracy Anderson (behind the banging bodies of Kim Kardashian and Gwyneth Paltrow). The trainer to the stars’ latest entrepreneurial venture is The Food Program by Tracy Anderson, a food delivery service which delivers predominantly organic Anderson approved meals to your doorstop. In other words, it is easier than ever to get a Tracy Anderson body.
Just don’t expect that body to come cheap. The food delivery starts at $45.95 per day (and that is if you order it for an entire year). Then there is the Tracy Anderson gym membership to sign-up for (Anderson devotees recommend taking six classes a week for between one to two hours), along with a few extras. Here, the cost breakdown.
Cost Breakdown Of What It Takes To Look Like Tracy Anderson:
Food Tab: The Food Program by Tracy Anderson runs $16,771.75 for an entire year.
Gym Membership: The cost of Tracy Anderson gym membership is $900 per month plus a $1,500 initiation fee, which gets you unlimited group classes and semi-private training equals. That totals $12,300 for the year.
DVDs: The cost of Tracy Anderson’s 2-Year Metamorphisis DVD workout regime runs $309.88. You’ll need that for those times that you simply can’t make it to the gym.
1-Year Supply of Tracy’s Perfect Performance Wellness Formula Shake: At $120 per month it will cost $1,440 for the year.
5-Day Hamptons Detox With Tracy Anderson: You’ll get to workout with Anderson herself for five days for $1,500 (not including accommodations).
Total Cost For Year: $33,321.63
You might be balking at that price (especially considering the median income in 2012 for Americans was $50,502) but a take a minute to check out what Tracy Anderson looks like in a bikini and then decide for yourself.
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