The ‘IT Chapter Two’ Trailer Has A Disturbing Spoiler & It’s Not OK

It Chapter Two
Photo: Warner Bros.

In 2017 audiences were thrilled and terrified by Pennywise the clown in the big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s IT. Now, we have a new extended peek at the Losers Club. The IT Chapter Two trailer spoiler clue is extremely troubling. The two-and-a-half-minute trailer lays out the plot for the second half of King’s novel. After 27 years, the Losers Club is reunited to take on Pennywise the Clown (played again by Bill Skarsgård) after he returns to Derry, Maine. Glimpses of everyone’s grown-up counterparts are shown in the new extended trailer — from James McAvoy’s Bill to Jessica Chastain’s Beverly and Bill Hader’s Richie.

The moments with Pennywise aren’t nearly as prominent as you’d expect, though we’d expect as much from a straightforward trailer. The new trailer follows a teaser for IT Chapter Two in May, which saw Chastain’s Beverly revisit her old home as an adult and come face to face with her fears.

Based on brief scenes within the new trailer, there seems to be some spoilers. There’s an image of a person’s bloody hand hanging out of a bathtub, which could be for Stan, the one Loser’s Club member who doesn’t return to Derry but instead commits suicide. There’s a moment of someone being dragged through a mental institution as a balloon glides outside the window. Many think this scene marks the first appearance of childhood bully Henry Bowers, who becomes an acolyte of Pennywise at the end of the first film.

IT not only frightened theatergoers but went on to critical and commercial acclaim. It’s fantastic to see A-listers like Chastain, McAvoy and Hader give this some extra gravitas to these freaky clown images. Halloween arrives in September and can’t get here fast enough.

IT Chapter Two premieres in theaters September 6.

Originally posted on SheKnows.