Fashionistas, the New Comic Book Nerds


Superheroes and fashion feels a little bit “last year.” We’ve already moved on to the Model as Muse along with the Met, but Marvel Comics isn’t about to let us forget.

The New York Times reports today that Marvel will be launching the first issue of “Models Inc.” on August 26. The mini-series throws some fashionable supporting characters into the forefront to solve a Fashion Week murder mystery. Millicent Collins plays Millie the Model along side Mary Jane, you know, from Spider Man.

One of our favorite real-life fashion superheros, Tim Gunn, also appears as an action figure out to save a fashion exhibition.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve noticed fashion geeking out quite a bit lately. First, IMG is creating a fashion video game, and now we have fashion comic books too. What’s next, collectable designer figurines? We can only hope so.

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