Issa Rae Calls Out Paparazzi for Mistaking Another Black Actress for Her

Issa Rae Calls Out Paparazzi for Mistaking Another Black Actress for Her
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Since the success of her HBO show, “Insecure,” Issa Rae has been everywhere. She’s a two-time Golden Globes nominee, a best-selling author, and an established television creator with two new shows on the way. Still, the 33-year-old, like many black actresses in Hollywood, is often reduced to her race and mistaken for others who don’t even remotely look like her.

Example A: her experience at the airport yesterday. On Thursday, Rae tweeted a story about how another black actress was mistaken for her by the paparazzi at an airport. The story began with Rae detailing how she was walking through the airport when she heard a paparazzo behind her say, “That’s Issa Rae.”

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When she turned around, she saw a swarm of paparazzi taking pictures of another black actress who wasn’t her. She ended her tweet with a comical #famous. “At the airport, heard Paparazzi behind me say, “That’s Issa Rae” and then watched as they went to snap a picture of a black actress who was not me. #Famous,” she tweeted.

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Rae isn’t the only black actor who has been mistaken for other black actors. In 2014, Danielle Brooks called out The Los Angeles Times for mixing her up with “Parks & Recreations” actress Retta. That same year, Samuel L. Jackson scolded a television reporter on-air for mistaking him for Laurence Fishburne.

Good on Rae for calling out the paparazzi and taking their mistake in stride. We hope she incorporates the snafu in her show somehow.