5 Things to Know About 12-Year Old Fashion Designer Isabella Rose Taylor

Kristen Bousquet
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At 12-years old, most of us were prancing around middle school talking about cooties, math homework and the latest Lizzie McGuire episode. But, Isabella Rose Taylor—a 12-year-old fashion phenom who, come back-to-school season—will be selling her designs at Nordstrom.

The young designer already has been selling her designs online for about three years (yup, that means she was 9 years old when she started), and her pieces are perfectly tween-y: A little grungy, a little hippie but they all have a feminine touch to them. While details are still being worked out for the Nordstrom collaboration, Women’s Wear Daily is reporting that the line will be about 15 pieces ranging from $20 to $100.

Isabella spoke with WWD last week, and mentioned that her customer mixes “a lot of different vibes. She doesn’t exactly know what her style is. She is playing with feminine elements, but also keeping a grungy vibe. That’s what my customer really wants.”

We dug a little deeper and found 5 other things to know about the gifted 12-year-old.

1. Not only is she a fashion designer, she’s an artist as well.
Isabella first started out drawing and painting then branched out into designing clothing. She believes that art and fashion are one in the same. Her motto is “If art has legs, it wold be fashion.” You can see some of her latest artwork on her Instagram.

2. Oh, and a writer and poet.
As if fashion designer and artist at 12 years old didn’t make you envious enough, Isabella is a writer and a poet. She is currently on the advisory board for Creative Kids Magazine and is a member of Mensa, the high IQ society, and is a Davidson Youth Scholar. She also won the Scholastic Art & Writing Gold Key Award.

3. While most girls are in middle school, she’s in college.
Another incredibly impressive thing for Isabella to add to her list of reasons she’s amazing, she’s actually a college student. She is a freshman in college in her second semester at Austin Community College. At 12 years old, people.

4. She’s already shown her collections as Austin Fashion Week.
Her summer fashions were showcased at the 5th Annual Austin Fashion Awards last May! At this particular event, Isabella was named one of the shows “rising stars”, a title people strive for.

5.  She’s totally down to earth.
In September, she told the Today Show: “I think the keys to success are blood, sweat, and glitter. BSG is what I call it. Because you have to have passion and you have to put a lot of hard work. And then you have to have inspiration and fun with what you’re doing.” We totally agree, Isabella!

isabella taylor 5 Things to Know About 12 Year Old Fashion Designer Isabella Rose Taylor