Isabel Marant: Most Wanted


The show opened with the folksy overtones we expect from Marant. This season, it all feels a bit country with a geometric patchwork print, muted buffalo plaid and Laura-Ashley-inspired Shabby Chic florals. I was getting worried for a moment until the collection took a surprisingly sharp turn off of the tractor and right onto a rock n’ roll tour bus. The short silk dresses, sexy lace numbers and ruffled mini had a slightly 80s vibe – minus the can of aerosol Aqua Net. In a flash, the Marant girl went from country to sexy groupie, never abandoning her effortless French flair.

How is it that Isabel Marant has the power to cast this feeling over me after every show? The feeling that makes me want to abandon all reason and start swiping my credit card all over town? Marant’s collections are always so relevant to the modern girl and easy to instantly adopt. You almost never have to wait until next season to incorporate her styling tips. You do, however, have to wait until next season for these slouchy, chain-clad boots to hit the stores. I recommend adding your name to that waiting list straightaway…right after mine.

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