Is Vogue Paris Exploiting Crystal Renn Or Supporting Her?

Kerry Pieri
Is Vogue Paris Exploiting Crystal Renn Or Supporting Her?
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Vogue Paris October 2010 Photos: Terry Richardson

There’s something you don’t know about me. My first job in New York was for a talk show. On said not-to-be-named show we had a guest lovingly called Big Mama. I think you can surmise why Big Mama was called Big Mama. A totally sweet lady, but utterly huge, the crux of the episode was getting this woman some sort of help with nutrition and diet from trained experts. First though, our producers exploited the hell out of Big Mama. They had her eat fried chicken with both hands, drink jugs of Kool Aid, house a cake and there were close-up shots. Needless to say I left TV for fashion, because I have a conscience. Apparently, that anything for ratings mentality followed me though.

Terry Richardson shot “plus-sized” model Crystal Renn for the 90th Anniversary issue of Vogue Paris, styled by Carine Roitfeld, with a TON of food. This woman is gorgeous and something tells me the intent of the editorial lie somewhere around the fact that the industry and the world are obsessed with weight and especially this woman’s weight. Remember when she thinned down a touch for the Chanel Resort collection? Catastrophe! Or when she walked in Mark Fast‘s Fall 2010 show? Non-stick sized models? Sacre bleu. Renn has become the poster girl for model weight in the fashion industry.

So, perhaps the intent was to make a statement on beauty and weight, but I think the resulting images are more talk show than high fashion. What say you?

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