Is Victoria’s Secret Overcompensating For “Too Skinny” Pics?


Last week, fans of the Victoria’s Secret Angel Candice Swanepoel were caught in a frenzy surrounding the model’s figure, which appeared to be much thinner than usual at an event to promote VS Swim. When faced with backlash about her weight, she attempted to put rumors to rest by telling the NY Daily News, “I am healthy and happy.”

Seems like this verbal affirmation wasn’t good enough for the powers that be at Victoria’s Secret, because a catalog photo just surfaced on Photoshop Disasters that pretty much proves that the retoucher added bulk to Candice’s petite frame. You can clearly see that flesh was added to her shoulderspossibly in an attempt to make them look less boneyand her thighs also appear to be filled-in, which helps to create a curvier look for the catalog’s more critical customers.

In another calculated move, The Herald Sun revealed that Victoria’s Secret has released photos of its newest model Kate Upton, whose figure is more voluptuous than most of the current Angels. She’s also 18-years-old, so that round, adorable baby face helps to give her a healthy appearance. The brand wants to prove that it doesn’t only employ models that are “ultra skinny,” and Upton seems to be the ticket to a more attainable image for VS.

Honestly, I think that Victoria’s Secret does a pretty great job of choosing models that aren’t shockingly skinny. While a large percentage of high-fashion runway models are so emaciated that they look like they’ll pass out at any second, the Angels are certainly thin, but they boast an impressive amount of muscle tone and a generally healthy glow. Sure, there are the girls like Lily Aldridge and Erin Heatherton who are genetically skinny, but I don’t think it’s necessary for the brand to take such drastic measures to prove that they’re anti-anorexia.

Do you think Kate Upton is the ideal Angel, or are the brand’s ambassadors fine just the way they are?

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