Is Theodora Richards Banksy?


Earlier this week, some passersby in Santa Monica, California snapped a photo of a man they thought was Banksythe anonymous street-art star who was nominated for an Oscar and who’s had work popping up all over Los Angeles recently. Turns out that the guy hovering around Banksy’s newest piece wasn’t in fact the artist, but there might be a lead here in New York.

Model and DJ Theodora Richardswho is the daughter of Keith Richards and Patti Hansenwas arrested on Tuesday in New York after scribbling graffiti on the outside of a convent in Soho. All Headline News reports that she wrote “T heart A” (perhaps a love note to her sister, Alexandra Richards?) in red paint pen, which doesn’t sound like such a big deal, but when she was found by the police, she had marijuana and Oxycodone on her.

Theodora lives downtown, where street art is usually celebrated, so we can see why she might want to test it out and channel her inner Banksyplus, she’s the daughter of a Rolling Stone, so rebellion is probably in the DNA. Theodora was charged with possession of a graffiti instrument, marijuana and a controlled substance, and is due in court on April 21.

Photo: John W. Ferguson, Getty Images