Is Roberto Cavalli Ripping Off a Rock Star Designer?

Kerry Pieri
Is Roberto Cavalli Ripping Off a Rock Star Designer?
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I mean, I know that designers often borrow from each other. Gaga even recently made note of Picasso’s famous quote, “good artists copy, great artists steal,” but I think if you spoke to the artist being stolen from, he wouldn’t find the sentiment all that charming.

Jordan Betten is the founder of Lost Art and he’s been designing rocker-centric leather and exotics goods for actual real life rockers like Mick, Lenny, Axl, Steven Tyler, and ladies like Gisele and Brit Brit (that Rolling Stone American flag suit cover is all Lost Art) since 1997.

Robert Cavalli’s massive fan base appreciates his rock gone glam aesthetic, but when you look a little closer at many of his recent designs, they seem uncomfortably close to Lost Art’s pieces some of which are seasons or even years old. From cross body bags to necklaces and fringe jackets, at a cursory glance, the pieces may seem to be your well-worn general stage performance looks, but upon closer inspection, the details are insanely similar.

Click through for the comparisons. Are we being overly sensitive or do these designs look eerily alike?

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