Is Ivan Dating Anyone After Tayshia? What to Know About His Post-Bachelorette Life

Ivan, Tayshia: 'The Bachelorette' 2020
Photo: ABC/Craig Sjodin.

Like us, Bachelor Nation wants to know if Ivan Hall is dating anyone after The Bachelorette 2020 and his breakup with Tayshia Adams.

Ivan, a 28-year-old aeronautical engineer from Dallas, Texas, came in third on season 16 of The Bachelorette on Tuesday, December 22, when Tayshia eliminated him in the second to last rose ceremony. In the end, Tayshia chose Zac Clark, an addiction specialist from Haddonfield, New Jersey, as her winner. The two got engaged and are still together. (Tayshia even confirmed that she’s moving from Los Angeles to New York City to be with Zac. Evidence the “process” works, people!)

But what about Ivan? After The Bachelorette finale aired, Ivan revealed in a DM to Bachelor alum Caila Quinn that Tayshia sent him home because of their difference in religion. In the DM, Ivan explains to Caila that Tayshia wants to date a Christian, and given that Ivan isn’t religious, he was a dealbreaker for her. “She only wants to date a Christian and I’m not religious. I’m open to and have dated any religion,” Ivan said when Caila asked him about the “religious difference” between him and Tayshia.

So…is Ivan Hall dating anyone after The Bachelorette or is he still single? Well, that part is unclear. But from a text his mom sent him after the episode aired, it hints that Ivan is still looking for love. In the text, which Ivan tweeted, the reality TV star’s mom tells him how proud she is of his journey and what it will be like when he eventually finds love that’s reciprocated. “My Dear Ivan, I am very proud of the man you are. This was a ‘righteous endeavor’ you opened up to,” the text read. “I just want you to remember that when you love, you love unconditionally. A relationship is not always peaches and cream, but also roses and thorns.” (BRB, as we cry.)

While that’s not confirmation that Ivan is still single after his split from Tayshia, it does make us think that he hasn’t found love yet and is taking the lessons he’s learned from The Bachelorette into his next relationship. Ivan also took to his Instagram after the finale with a long message about how the experience changed him. “My Bachelorette journey (aka “righteous endeavor”) has been one of the most amazing things to happen to me. I would first like to thank Tayshia for our time together and wish her all the best with my guy Zac,” he wrote. “I hope to connect with you guys soon and glad that it worked out.⁣ ⁣ Going into all of this, I could never have expected things to turn out the way they did. Generally, I am very private about my life experiences and things that truly make me who I am today. With that said, it is very strange that now millions know more about me than some of my friends and family knew pre-show 😅. This experience has forced me to grow in so many ways.”

Now, for us to campaign for Ivan to be on season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise.

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