Is Hannah Brown Staying on ‘The Bachelor’? She Already Gave Us a Clue

The Bachelor 2020
Photo: ABC. Design: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

As fans await the results of tonight’s episode, many can’t help but wonder: Is Hannah Brown on The Bachelor Season 24 for good, or was the Bachelorette alumna just making a quick cameo in Peter Weber’s season? After last week’s season premiere, it’s clear that ABC is doing their best to keep us wondering. Was that emotional conversation just something both parties needed to get off their chests? Or is it the beginning of something new for these former flames? Here’s what we know so far.

Hannah, 25, and pilot Peter, 28, didn’t get their romantic relationship to stick during the Bachelorette‘s run—but now that it’s Peter’s turn to call the shots, The Bachelor‘s showrunners certainly want us to be under the impression that Hannah’s giving him a chance to set things right. Yet that doesn’t mean we’re going to see Hannah staying on this season. You see, the reality star has already dropped too many clues that point to otherwise.

As we all know, The Bachelor is pre-filmed. One glaring fact to consider here is that while Season 24 was being shot, Hannah was competing in Dancing With the Stars (which, she also won! No biggie.) When the star spoke to Entertainment Tonight recently, she suggested as much: “I feel like if we put two and two together, like, I worked my ass off to win that Mirror Ball. I was in the studio eight hours a day,” she said. “You should do the math and watch in January.” This simply means if Hannah was rehearsing all day, every day for DWTS, there’s no logical way she could also compete on Peter Weber’s season at the same time.

But does that mean it’s the last we’re seeing of Hannah? Who knows—she might have been able to squeeze extra time into her busy schedule to make extra appearances here and there. After all, we know from The Bachelor‘s premiere that she must have taken some time off from her DWTS rehearsals to pay Peter a visit on his show. In last week’s episode, Hannah is referred to as the “birthday girl.” The reality star turned 25 on Sept. 24, which was during her second week of DWTS. She wrote about that week for Bustle last year, explaining just how tumultuous it was:

“I have a lot of mind-fog from the stuff emotionally that I haven’t had time to deal with, and it’s decided to come out this week,” she wrote. “I think what it’s coming down to is I feel like I’ve made a lot of decisions that I shouldn’t have trusted in the past year. That’s the raincloud over all this. Because of that, it’s manifesting in dance. I don’t trust myself to just take a step. I don’t trust myself to make decisions right now, because a lot of the decisions I made the past year, were they the best? I don’t know. I was having that a-ha moment that trust is not something that I really have right now, at all. For other people, or for myself. It was a heavy day.”

Sounds like some Peter woes, if you ask us. As for the Bachelor himself—Peter has remained mum on the question of whether Hannah is joining his season ever since The Bachelor teased Hannah’s return. He did reveal his feelings about their sit-down talk at the end of last week’s episode, though.

“Even though that conversation wasn’t planned, it needed to happen, and the hardest part for me was just struggling with the fact that I had amazing women (who) just showed up, and I didn’t have any feelings yet for anyone,” he explained to reporters at the Television Critics Association following the premiere. “It was too soon to have any legit connection. So it was awkward, it was uncomfortable, but it needed to happen.”

And with that, all signs are pointing toward closure for these two—not a new chapter.