Is Chanel Jumping On The Blogger Bandwagon?

Lauren Caruso

In yet another tip of the hat to the blogging phenomenon that were all kicking ourselves for not buying into sooner, Chanel might be trading in their usual high-profile list of celebrity ambassadors for a few more relevant reps. The luxury brand is rumored to be commissioning blogging royalty Rumi Neely of fashiontoast and Sea of Shoes Jane Aldridge for its newest ambassador launch. The girls just wrapped their Macy’s collaboration with Elizabeth Spiridakis of Feels Like White Lighting, in stores earlier this month. Where do they find the time?

Though Aldridge was Chanel-clad for the Crillon Ball, the pairing comes as quite a surprise Chanel, a famously social media-phobic brand, has yet to even register a Twitter account. The partnership would be an innovative, calculated move for Chanel, as Rumi and Jane have quite a loyal relationship with their readers thousands are logging in every month just to take a peek at their outfits.

Though both bloggers have reportedly been contacted, the collaboration if it does come to fruition is at least a ways away.

The news, which would have carried a tinge of shock value even just a year ago, is almost expected after Tumblr provided 24 lucky bloggers both backstage and front row access at this year’s New York Fashion Week. Must be nice to have a boyfriend to follow you around with a camera all day! #jealousmuch