Irving Penn’s Must-Have Books


Late photographer Irving Penn published several books during his successful career. His first photography book, Moments Preserved, came out in 1960 and is no longer available in print; used copies cost around $200.


Other out-of-print books by Irving Penn include:

Worlds in a Small Room (1974)


Inventive Paris Clothes 1909-1939 (1977)

Flowers (1980)

and Passage (1991).

If buying used isn’t your thing, you can check out the six titles that he published more recently, all still in print:

Irving Penn Regards The Work Of Issey Miyake (1999)

The Astronomers Plan A Voyage To Earth (1999)


Drawings (1999)

Still Life (2001)

Photographs of Dahomey (2004)

and A Notebook At Random (2004).


His last book gives insight into the head of this Vogue photographer instead of simply displaying his art.