Iron Chef Dishes on Mouthwatering Ways to Get Creative with Dessert

Stephanie Nolasco for Fox News Magazine

create d1 Iron Chef Dishes on Mouthwatering Ways to Get Creative with DessertIan Kittichai’s newest culinary creation resembles a simple crisp apple, but one bite reveals it’s actually creamy ricotta cheesecake coated with raspberry puree.
The renowned chef, who recently revealed “The Big Apple” at Spot Dessert Bar in New York City, is no stranger to developing edible masterpieces. From leading the popular television series “Iron Chef Thailand,” to overseeing a slew of Asian-inspired menus at restaurants located in Mumbai, Bangkok, as well as Abu Dhabi, Kittichai is always ready to create a dish that will satisfy his sweet tooth. And for the fall season, he was determined to create awe-inspiring desserts to satisfy anyone’s palate.
“I have always loved desserts and pastries,” explains Kittichai upon his arrival back to Thailand. “In all if my restaurants I have always done my own desserts and have never hired a pastry chef.”
Kittichai, who became a partner and culinary director for Spot in 2011, says his inspirations come from traveling throughout Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, among others. When it came to developing the luscious “Big Apple,” he chose to pay homage to a city he calls home.
But for the rest of us, Kittichai says anyone with a passion for baking can be just as creative-all you need is to think outside the pan.
“Green tea is a great ingredient for desserts because it can cut down on the sweetness and add another level of flavor and complexity,” he reveals. “I think my signature green tea chocolate lava cake is so popular because it is warm and rich without being cloying sweet and overwhelming.”
“The easiest way to use green tea in dessert is in the form of matcha powder,” adds Kittichai. “It can be mixed with powdered sugar and sprinkled on ice cream, plain cakes, or cupcakes for an extra bit of sweetness with an edge.”
Vamping up recipes is more than thinking about fun presentations. Kittichai recommends experimenting with different molds, which are easily accessible at kitchenware shops. It also helps to use natural ingredients for more mouthwatering flavors that sugar can’t recreate.
“I would think about what’s available in the farmer’s market, what’s in season, as well as how I can present the desserts in a playful way,” he says
While some may stick to traditional pumpkin pie for autumn, Kittichai encourages people to give seasonal treats a unique twist. For the cooler season, he recommends roasting peaches, which are naturally sweet and pair perfectly with warm caramel sauce.
“I went to a farmer’s market and saw beautiful peaches, which inspired me,” he states. “Peaches are so delicious, and they’re very warm and comforting when cooked. The combination just screams fall to me!”
Celebrating a birthday? Don’t just settle for the usual frosted fluff. Kittichai prefers feasting with a pastry that, at first glance, appears to be a potted plant. Fortunately for our taste buds, it’s actually chocolate cookie crumble soaked in juicy berries.
“This presentation can be done with any sort of layered cake and fruit in a cup or small plant pot,” says Kittichai. “The key is to lightly soak the cake layers so the dessert will mold when flipped over. I use chocolate cookie crumble to imitate the look of soil and a sprig of mint to look like a plant growing from the pot.”
But if one simply doesn’t have time to whip up an edible work of art, Kittichai recommends a simple, yet equally delicious pairing of toast with condensed milk ice cream.
“My golden toast dessert is a play on a tradition snack from my native Thailand,” he says. “Growing up we often eat toasted soft bread with condensed milk or some other type of sweet, syrupy condiment. Condensed milk ice cream is a homage to my home country.”
For some inspiration to make your own sweets, check out some of Kittichai’s desserts here.
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