Are Ireland Baldwin and Angel Haze Dating, Or Just Really Good Friends?

Sarah Barnes

Lately, news of celebrity BFFs has revolved around Cara Delevigne and Michelle Rodriguez (who actually are dating) but there’s a new duo broadcasting their admiration to the world. Model Ireland Baldwin and rapper Angel Haze have become fast friends and they’re spreading their mutual love all over social media.

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If you follow either, you’re probably well aware of their many gal-pal excursions. They’ve had Thai food for breakfast, dyed their hair green, danced the night away at Coachella, got matching tattoos, and engaged in the mutual use of the #WCW hashtag. (Woman crush Wednesday, for the uninitiated.)

Just last week Angel tweeted, “Never been so fascinated by one person. Like endlessly. Even your happiness has become my own.”

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We haven’t been this curious about a celebrity friendship since Cara and Michelle were caught locking lips in Mexico. Of course, the next question is: Are Ireland and Angel merely BFFS, or something more? What do you think?