12 iPhone Tricks to Make Your Battery Last (Much) Longer

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12 iPhone Tricks to Make Your Battery Last (Much) Longer
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Let’s just be honest: Most of us need our cell phones like we need oxygen. Whether you’re using it to listen to music, navigate, or post a photo of your brunch, your shoes, or your amazing vacation to Instagram, it’s a necessity to have a fully-charged battery at all times. Most of us would agree that a mobile device with a drained battery is pretty much the most frustrating thing ever. Luckily, there are a lots of iPhone tricks that can extend the life of your battery.

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While excessive usage drains your cell faster than you can say “does anyone have a charger I can borrow?” what you might not know is that your iPhone’s settings has a lot to do with how long your device remains juiced up—and most are a require you to do nothing but press “turn on” or “turn off.”

Read on for 12 iPhone tricks to extend the life of your battery, and make your life much easier.

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Prevent the Background App Refresh.

This is one of Apple's updates with iOS 7 where the setting looks at which apps you use the most, when you use those apps and then automatically updates them for you so the latest information will be awaiting you once opened. This takes a ton of battery and you can save some serious phone life by turning it off.

Settings > General > Background App Refresh > Disable the feature entirely or for specific just for apps


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Charge your phone in airplane mode for a faster charge.

If you're just stopping home to change and have a dead iPhone, this is the perfect time to turn your phone to Airplane Mode and let it charge faster since it won't have to worry about running any apps, wifi or location services.

Settings > Slide Airplane Mode to Green

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Turn off Bluetooth.

If you don't use a Bluetooth headset or earpiece, having your Bluetooth setting on is just a pointless waste of valuable battery that you could be using to Instagram.

Settings > Bluetooth > Off

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Turn off location services.

The built-in GPS on your iPhone is one of the coolest features, but it does take a huge amount of battery to use it. To work it has to send data over a network to know where you're located taking a lot of battery power. Unless you're using your navigation or a site that's using location services, turn it off.

Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Off

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Lower the brightness.

In order to save your phone from staying bright even broad daylight or vice-versa, lower the brightness on your phone when dim-lighting can work just fine.

Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness > Turn Brightness Down

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Turn off Reduce Motion.

The reduce motion feature allows your phone's background to move when tilted causing the icons to appear floating. Since it uses the phone's sensors for this it reduces battery life.

General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > Slide to Green

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Fetch data manually.

Rather than having your phone fetch data (email, notifications, etc), check it manually. 

Settings > Mail > Contacts > Calendars > Fetch New Data > Manually

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Turn off apps when you're done using them.

It's the same as picking up your dirty clothes after wearing them. If you aren't using an app anymore, turn it off so that your phone won't have to waste battery power running the app.

Double click the home button > Slide up on any apps not being used

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Turn off 3G/4G.

Although, yes, it makes you phone run faster, 3G and 4G requires more energy to get the quicker data speeds leaving you with a quickly used battery. Bonus: You won't be using as much data if this setting is turned off making your bill cheaper.

Settings > General > Cellular > Slide Enable 3G to Off or Enable LTE to Off

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Turn off your wi-fi.

If you know you'll be somewhere where there's wifi, keep it on to use it. But, if you're not using your phone or are on your commute to work, turn this setting off to prevent your phone from overworking to find wifi signal.

Settings > Wifi > Off

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Check for software updates.

Many times when Apple has an update, there's some sort of bug fix and it could possibly help you if your phone's battery is dying way too quickly. Make sure your phone is always up-to-date on software updates in order to keep it running smoothly and with the best battery life possible.

Settings > General > Software Update

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Consider investing in a charging iPhone case.

While, yes, they're on the pricier side of things, a charging case can seriously come in handy when all else fails. It's a guaranteed charge in your handbag just waiting for you to use.

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