18 Seriously Useful iPhone Apps for College Students to Download Now

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18 Seriously Useful iPhone Apps for College Students to Download Now
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From an incoming freshman to a final-semester senior, it’s a safe bet that any college student would benefit from something that’ll make their school year easier and their already-busy lives less stressful. Thanks to technology, there are some seriously useful iPhone apps for students to help with anything— organization, staying fit and healthy, even getting a good nights sleep.

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Whether you need a little motivation to keep the dreaded Freshman 15 far, far away, some organizational help to keep your homework schedule structured or help finding the cheapest place to order your unreasonably expensive textbooks from, the App Store has something for you.

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Since we’ve all been there, done that, we’ve found the 18 more useful iPhone apps for every college student that we wish we had in college. Click through the slideshow and get downloading.

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The Homework App

For the college student who likes to be incredibly organized, this beautifully-designed homework app will be your new BFF. It will help you keep your schedule organized (and color-coated!), remind you when homework is due and share your assignments with friends all on one simple dashboard.

Rate My Professor

When it comes to deciding on classes, getting a good teacher is always one of the biggest factors when it comes to deciding. With the Rate My Professor app, you can check on all your professors from your cell phone and make sure you get only the best.


While you might think flash cards are reserved for middle school, they're a great tool for visual learners. Instead of buying tons of flash cards and handwriting all your notes, download the Quizlet app. It works with the Quizlet website where you can type in all your notes, and use your flash cards on the web or on the go on your iPhone/iPad. There's also the option to print out your flash cards if you are more hands-on.


If you're a college student without Netflix, you are truly missing out. During the late nights, weekends or times when you just need a study break, Netflix is the answer and now you can get it on all your Apple devices for free with your subscription.

7 Minute Workout

College students have enough to do between homework, classes and part-time jobs. When there's no time to workout (but you want to avoid the "Freshman 15"), this 7-Minute Workout app for your iPhone will guide you through an intense, but totally worth it workout you can even do inbetween classes.

College Prepster

College Prepster is the app version of the popular website, The College Prepster. This app is focused on making the lifes of young college students and graduates easier. You'll get tips on everything from food to fitness to style all from someone who's been in your shoes.


Chegg is one of the best (read: cheapest) places to buy, rent and sell your textbooks. Chegg will also give you a 7-day trial of the e-book to any book you've purchased through them so you can get a head start on your studies while your books are shipping.

Wake Alarm Clock

Instead of using a boring alarm clock where you can easily oversleep, the Wake alarm clock will make sure you actually get up on time. With it's "slap & flip" feature you just 
"slap" your phone and flip it over to snooze. For deeper sleepers, you can use the "shake" feature where you simply shake your phone to turn off the alarm.

iTunes U

The iTunes U app gives you access to complete courses from leading universities and other schools—plus the world’s largest digital catalog of free education content all on your Apple device. You can join in on discussions with other students, take free courses in a wide array of subjects, and view tons of lectures, lessons and speeches from universities all over the world.


Speaking of food, we don't all love to cook. For those of us who don't, there's the best invention in the entire world: Seamless. This app lets you literally choose any type of food (depending on your location) and have it delivered literally whenever. Finals week and you just need some pizza at 3am? It'll be there soon.


Every student should download the Dropbox no matter what major you're in from Art to Engineering. It's an easy way to have documents, photos or any other files you might need with you anywhere from your iPhone to your iPad to your computer.

Sleep Pillow Sounds

Being a college student takes a lot out of you and sometimes getting a good night's sleep is hard. With this app, you'll hear sounds from "light rain on a tent" to "gentle beach waves" to give you a good night's sleep—guaranteed.


This brilliant app is perfect for the foodie college student. It puts every recipe in the world in your pocket! You can search for recipes, view recipe sites you love, create your own digital recipe box, view recommendations just for you and create smart shopping lists wherever you are.


Many students have such hectic schedules, they don't have time to get out into the world of dating and that's where the datemyschool app comes in. You can find other students on the app that attend your school (or surrounding schools) and meet over the web. Always make sure to be safe when meeting people though!


Not everyone thinks to Craiglist first as being a resource, but it's an incredible place for college students—mostly because of how accessible, cheap and useful it can be. Whether you're looking for a weekend job, trying to find a cheap, used couch for your new apartment or looking for someone to take photos of your portfolio, you can find it all on Craigslist.

Laundry Alert

For every college student who knows that 1 minute on the "time left" timer really means 5 minutes (at least). Nothing's worse than getting all the way to the laundry room when you think your clothes are done and they're totally not, so you either have to wait around or go all the way back and forth again in 5 minutes. This app works with many colleges in the United States to coordinate laundry machines with the app, so all you have to do is find your dorm, find your machine number and it will send you an alert when your laundry is actually done.


MyFitnessPal is probably one of the most popular fitness apps for the iPhone. With this fast and easy app, you can keep track of your daily calorie intake as well as any exercise you might have completed. You can either scan a product's barbode, look it up on the food data base with over 3 million products or manually enter your calories to help you take those extra pounds off.


Leaving for college is just as hard on you as it is on your family, so make sure to keep in contact with them as much as possible. While keeping in touch over text and the phone is great, letting your parents see your happy, smiling face over Skype means so much more.

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