10 iPhone Apps Every Foodie Should Download

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10 iPhone Apps Every Foodie Should Download
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Whether you prefer dining out or staying in, eating clean or occasionally indulging, staying in your city or traveling around, as they say: There an app for that.  No matter what your taste—no pun intended—there are some seriously useful mobile apps that every foodie needs to download.

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From recipes from your favorite Food Network chefs to reviews on that new restaurant you’ve been eyeing—not to mention gazillions of recipes—these apps will do it all. Basically, if you love food and you have an iPhone, it’s time to get downloading.

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Check out the slideshow and make sure to download these apps now and get cooking (or ordering!).

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Price: FREE

Never forget a restaurant again with this clever app, that allows you to keep a go-to list of restaurants and bars you're dying to try. Wha'ts cool about this app is that you have the option tag a resturant when you're walking by or you can type in the name of the joint you want to save, and Matchbook will add it to your list.


Price: Free

This clever app has millions of recipes that you can search for. Aside from recipes, you can also collect, save and organize your favorite recipes and create a "digital recipe box". You'll also be able to discover recipe reccommendations just for you and make shopping lists!


Price: Free

It can be hard to dine or order out when you're trying to stick to a diet. This is where HealthyOut comes into play. This app helps you find and order healthy restaurant meals for delivery or takeout and even browse for healthy dish suggestions when you're dining out. The dishes that this app shows you are half the calories and half the day compared to the average restaurant meal. You can even filter out your results by low calorie, low carb, low fat, high protein and heart healthy.

Next Glass

Price: Free

It gets boring sticking to the same drink everytime you go out. Next Glass will help you switch up your order by giving you personalized beer and wine recommendations that use science and technology to predict how much you'll enjoy any bottle. You'll start by building your taste profile by rating wines and beers you've already tried, then when you're out you can scan any label to give you a personal score determining how much you'll like or dislike that specific drink. 


Price: Free

How many times have you been stuck with a few random ingredients and no idea what to cook with them? Handpick easily solves that problem. This app lets you pick any ingredient and see what it matches with. You can discover simple dishes that use everyday ingredients and even connect with other fellow food lovers. You can then post your own dishes and share them through social media platforms and tag your ingredients for other users to check out!

The Whole Pantry

Price: $2.99

This app is the first of it's kind. It combines inspiring whole food recipes with Lifestyle and Wellness Guides. For any foodie that's all about living a healthy life with a diet filled with fruits and veggies, this app is for you. The meals are created with benefits you'd want in mind—to improve sleep, lose weight, clear skin, reduce allergies, better digestion, balance moods and so on.

The Balanced Blonde

Price: $3.99

Popular health blogger, Jordan Younger, has gone and created an app to make her website accessible on the go. The app comes with 70 delicious, whole food recipes with choices ranging from vegan, gluten-free, paleo and raw foods. The Balanced Blonde encourages healthy and simple food choices and makes them easy for you to recreate in your own kitchen.

Food Network in the Kitchen

Price: Free

If you love food, chances are your TV is perpetually tuned to the Food Network. The channel's mobile app will give you access to all the amazing recipes you see on TV from top chefs and personalities like Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis, Rachel Ray, Bobby Flay, Guy Fieri and more. There are even how-to videos to give you step by step instructions! 


Price: Free

When you live in a busy city, getting a reservation can be tedious and frustrating. OpenTable makes your life easier since you can find a restaurant (by cuisine or location), then easily make a reservation. You can even invite your friends who have the app to dine with you!


Price: Free

If you're a visual person, you'll love Tastemade. This is the ultimate video city guide to the best places on earth. You can discover the best your city has to offer as well as the must-go places from around the world. You can create lists of places you want to go and those that you've already visited. The app provides users with 1-minute videos of trending places in your city and you can even make your own video about your favorite food places in your city.


Price: Free

Urbanspoon is used by millions of users every week to find nearby restaurant reviews and ratings by consumers and food critics. You can even discover new restaurants (which you can filter by rating, distance and cuisine) that you'll like. You'll be able to browse menus and photos of menu items and restaurant locations to find the perfect spot for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner anyday!

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