Your iPhone Battery is About to Get a Serious Boost

apple Your iPhone Battery is About to Get a Serious Boost

Photo: Apple

Several sophisticated updates to Apple’s next-generation operating system, iOS 9, were revealed Monday at the annual Worldwide Developer Conference. And while no flashy overhauls were announced, it does seem like the company’s looking to focus on improvements after the previous system update—last year’s iOS 8—was widely considered to be buggiest release to date.

The entire list of what to expect when iOS9 launches this fall can be found on Apple’s site, but read on for six pretty cool things to get psyched about now.

1. The biggest 1OS 9 feature announced at WWDC is intelligence-based, and it’s all about Proactive, a new assistant that has the ability to learn your behavior and be able to predict what you’re interested in doing or listening to. For example, if you normally plug in your headphones at 5:30 p.m. to rock out to a certain type of music at the gym, Proactive will memorize that fact, and instantly suggest other songs you might like when you plug in during that time. Likewise, you’ll be able to ask Siri to remind you about things you receive in a text. Here’s a demo on Proactive from the conference.

2. Speaking of Siri, she’s gotten 40 percent more accurate over the last year and 40 percent faster at responding, according to Apple. The voice assistant will improve even more in iOS 9.

3. Unknown numbers keep popping up? iOS 9 can hypothesize as to who’s calling you by looking into your email and suggesting who might be on the line.

4. If you add a location to an event in Calendar, iPhone will suggest when you should leave. It even takes into account traffic along the way, in real time.

5. With average use, the iPhone 6 battery will last an additional hour with iOS 9. A new “low power mode” can extend a battery by up to three hours.

6. Apple’s slightly cumbersome Newsstand app will be replaced with a cleaner, flipbook-like News feature that’ll cull content from The New York Times, Condé Nast publications, the Atlantic, and more.