Introducing Jean Paul Gaultier’s Colorful Take On Diet Coke

Jessica Rubin

 Introducing Jean Paul Gaultiers Colorful Take On Diet Coke

It seems as though Karl Lagerfeld has passed the fashionable Diet Coke torch over to Jean Paul Gaultier — and we’re not complaining. The master of stripes, couture and cone bras has been named the creative director of Diet Coke and his freshman revamp of the classic bottle has us all hot and bothered. How is it, you ask, that a bottle of soda has us so excited? Well, when’s the last time you took a sip out of a Madonna bottle?

Yeah, that’s what we thought.

 Introducing Jean Paul Gaultiers Colorful Take On Diet Coke

In addition to Gaultier’s striped bottle, the designer plastered a cone bra, fishnet figure on the small Diet Coke container, a clear reference to Madonna’s most iconic look. Unfortunately for those of us stuck on the American side of the Atlantic, these Gaultier bottles are a European-only campaign. Which means we’ll have to appease ourselves with the kinda-creepy-but-still-amazing images and videos that go hand-in-hand with Gaultier’s new project.

Check out the playful campaign video and commercial below!

Do you think Gaultier has outdone Lagerfeld’s Diet Coke bottles, or will you always be loyal to the Kaiser?


Images via Oh No They Didn’t!