Celebrity Interviews Gone Wrong: Bad Behavior Caught On Camera!


The notorious Mel Gibson. Photo: Chelsea Lauren, WireImage

We all know that our favorite celebrities like Tom Cruise, Ben Affleck and Mel Gibson can turn up the charm onscreen. But when it comes to real-life (sans skilled editing) moments, there’s been more than one instance of a serious on-air meltdown.

Our advice for the celebrity stars out there that need a bit of anger management? If you’re feeling a meltdown coming along, keep your script and/or publicist nearby at all times, keep clear of sharp objects (see: Britney Spears, umbrella) and finally, stay as far away from the David Letterman show as possible in order to avoid total humiliation. (Dont worry Letterman, we still love you.)

Unfortunately for the celebs below, it’s a bit too late for them to take our advice. Here are a few of our favorite celeb meltdown moments caught on camera:

1. Tom Cruise

There’s nothing like a little bit of jumping up and down to show that youre in love. At times it might come off as cute, but we’re pretty sure attacking Oprah and stomping on her couch on national television doesnt exactly qualify as normal. By now you must know what we’re referring to: the notorious television moment commonly referred to as the couch incident in which Tom Cruise very publically declares his love for Katie Holmes causing people all over the world to stop and contemplate Tom Cruises mental stability. You know something is wrong when even the eloquent Oprah Winfrey responds by screaming out the boy is gone!

2. Mel Gibson

It’s always a challenge to narrow down one discomforting Mel Gibson moment from the lot of them, but here it is: Mel Gibson loses it in the above interview, referring to Dean Richards as an asshole when he thinks the camera isnt rolling. We thought he announced not too long ago that he was working on his temper?

3. Joaquin Phoenix

At first this clips seems to be a sad example of another star declining into the depressing world of drugs and alcohol. But Joaquins Oscar winning performances over the years suggest that maybe, just maybe, Phoenix’s tremendous acting skills were being put to work in this clip in order to produce yet another talk show hoax. At any rate, the bearded actor claims in this interview that he is retiring from his film career into order to delve into the world of hip hopbetter luck there Joaquin?

4. Tyra Banks

If there is one celebrity worth bantering over it’s Tyra Banks, star of many crazy media antics and ridiculous performances. In this clip, Tyras wild and cheerful behavior finally translates into anger when she unexpectedly blows up on the ANTM model that fails to cry when sent home. No model will ever make that mistake again.

5. Britney Spears Weve all been made privy to the ongoing afternoon soap opera that is the life of Britney Spears. And we’ve been watching closely enough to know that her sad decline into mania does not begin and end with this one clip of Spears getting out of her car to attack a paparazzi with an umbrella. Case in point: her newly shaved head, the incident of her almost dropping her young child and MANY more. Although Britney publically excused this act of madness as her preparing to play a character for a potential movie role, what we were really expecting from her was something more on the lines of oopsI did it again.

6. Drew Barrymore

By now it seems as if Letterman really knows how to bring out the crazy in celebrities. Here Drew Barrymore flashes the talk show host in this famous appearance on The David Letterman Show, by now over 15 years ago. If youve watched this clip before, you’re probably wondering whats worse: her outfit, wild updo, crazy callout to her mother or the ridiculous table dance during which she flashes her breasts to Letterman. Let’s just say the combination today makes for one entertaining television moment.

7. Ben Affleck

Now here is a jaw-dropping moment caught on camera that just cant really be summed up in words. Trying to understand how this seemingly perfect family man was caught on tape publicly and shamelessly manhandling the gorgeous Anne-Marie Losique? Speculation is that Ben Affleck was drunk at the time, but that’s no excuse for the sleaze factor.

8. Matt Damon

For once this is not a story of a celebrity gone wrong but a story of a celebrity who knows how to take a joke. Following the YouTube marvel I F** Matt Damon starring Jimmy Kimmels girlfriend at the time, Sarah Silverman, a hilarious and long-running feud began between the two stars. After being invited onto Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Damon graciously agreed to continue the long-standing joke by acting out a dramatic and all-too realistic tantrum onstage. Just another reason why we love the Bourne Supremacy actor.

9. Michael Richards

We all know and love Kramer, Seinfields entertaining, outspoken and downright kooky character. Unfortunately such is not the case with the real life comedian Michael Richards, whose comedy act three years ago proved to be anything but funny when he aggressively escalated to a real-life racist tantrum onstage.

10. Bjork

There are countless reasons why celebrities should hate the paparazzi, but there is no denying that the Icelandic singer Bjork took things too far when she violently lashed out on a pap in an airport and beat her to the ground. Four years following her notorious Oscar outfit, the icy swan is back in action.

11. Quentin Tarantino

Craziness surrounding Quentin Tarantino should come as no surprise, especially if youve seen any of his movies. But if you can’t enjoy a good Tarantino thriller then, as the director/producer tells the reporter in this clip, then his movies just aren’t made for you.

12. Bill OReilly

To end this list with a bang, behold: the famous freak-out that has been duped over, remixed and remade all over every social media outlet and comedy show possible. It’s a bit creepy how quickly OReilly can turn off his anger in the final seconds of the clip allowing him to read the final scene and provide the audience with a sincere looking smile. We doubt, however, that the poor people in the office that witnessed this scene were smiling back.

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