The intersection of comfort and cool


Uggs are over in the more fashion-forward parts of the world, or so some would have us know.

But what other options remain for those who don’t want to sacrifice aesthetics for comfort and warmth and functionality in the coldest months?

This was the conundrum facing me as I prepared for an escapade to the Colorado mountains in January. I needed something warm and waterproof-otherwise known as functional-but that I didn’t detest the sight of.

Enter Sorel, the classic all-weather boot maker. The sight of these boots-black rubber bottom, beige nubuck top, fuzzy white lining-is so familiar, and such a non-transmitter of trendiness, that wearing them for functionality could never be egregiously noticeable.

Their website markets the “Caribou” boot as “The real deal with timeless styling.” So I sourced my boots at Flying A boutique in Soho, after discovering that every outdoors store in January was sold out of what I surmise is the most functional, coveted, standard winter boot.

It turns out these classics are more popular than you might have thought. Not only did Laney say that she also had a pair for those Colorado winters, but my roommate Elena said the Sorel’s she wears at her family cabin in northern Wisconsin once belonged to her great-grandfather, which bodes well for their longevity. Talk about “investment pieces.”

You can’t be embarrassed in such hefty bootage because they are too much a classic, too clearly for a purpose to be argued with over for their aesthetic design.

So when Annabel Tollman came in on the coldest day of the week to style outfits in StyleCaster’s offices, the sight of her wearing a puffer jacket and tight jeans stuffed into Sorel’s set my heart racing with victory. I knew my purchase had been justified for its functionality and style.
And now that I’m back in the city, my toes are so warm that I’m having trouble taking them off.