Internet Memes: The Online Trends That Won’t Go Away

Jamie Rose
Internet Memes: The Online Trends That Won’t Go Away
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The Internet is full of the craziest material out there. But the newest trend is one of the most prevalent: the meme. An Internet meme is some sort of image, action or even cartoon that’s gone viral, meaning they’re plastered all over Tumblr, Facebook and even YouTube.

You’ve probably seen or even tried some of these memes. Have you been planking or owling? Seen the Cereal Guy or the Forever Alone face pop up on your Tumblr dashboard? Or tortured your cat by breading them? Yeah, we thought so.

Click through our gallery above to see some of the World Wide Web’s most popular memes that just won’t go away.

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This poor cat's owner found some humor in breading their animal. The internet did as well.


Planking and owling? These two were ambitious and combined two memes in one sitting.


Everyone seems to think it's necessary to copy Tim Tebow's famous pose and call it Tebowing.

[Know Your Meme]

The Cereal Guy loves to just chew with his mouth open and spew out his opinions over breakfast. His most famous line: "He'll never have a girlfriend!"

[Know Your Meme]

Single and lonely? The Forever Alone meme is a slight exaggeration of your feelings.


This guy didn't have a huge significance in art history, but over 200 years later, Joseph Ducreux's self-portrait sure has made his mark on the Internet. Weird text included.

[Know Your Meme]

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