Interior Chic! Missoni Designs a Luxury Condo Complex

Jessica Rubin

Moreso than ever, the name Missoni is on the tip of everyone’s tongues. The beloved Italian fashion house is set to launch a line for Target this September, allowing the masses to experience the allure of this luxury brand. Featuring everything from clothing to bicycles, Missoni is proving its continued relevance in today’s demanding and evolving world of style.

And now, joining the ranks of Versace, Armani, and Gucci, Missoni is entering the world of property design, signing onto model the interior of a luxury condo complex in Manila. Although Missoni has worked with the Rezidor Hotel Group on a Missoni Hotel line, Forbes points out that, “The Collaboration with Century Properties marks the first time the fashion house is venturing out into residential real estate.”

Many designers are leaving their mark on hotels and residences, such as Tommy Hilfiger’s contract to redesign NYC’s Metlife clock tower and transform it into a hotel. In this time of economic hardship and penny-pinching, could this be a response to the fear that many are cutting luxury items out of their lives? With a smaller market for designer goods, there is a sense of sustainability and durability when your vision is etched in stone.

Photo:Juergen Teller for Missoni

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