Shoppers Say This $20 Instant Pot Hack Is ‘Truly a Life Saver’ & Their New ‘Go-To’ Kitchen Accessory

Katie Decker-Jacoby
Shoppers Say This $20 Instant Pot Hack Is ‘Truly a Life Saver’ & Their New ‘Go-To’ Kitchen Accessory
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Time-saving kitchen appliances are all the rage right now, and along with air fryers, Instant Pots offer up some of our fav time-saving recipes. The 9-in-1 kitchen appliance serves up the fluffiest rice, the smoothest soup and the heartiest meat—it can even bake a cake thanks to its many pre-set cooking settings. But with the limitless possibilities, remembering the various cook times can be tricky. However, we found a kitchen accessory that takes the guesswork out of whipping up your favorite meals.

The Instant Pot Official Cutting Board is here to end your habit of Googling every recipe step from start to finish. The board has a bunch of cool times and temperature settings printed atop it. This way, you can simply prep your veggies on the cutting board and then check it for specific instructions at your will. 

For easy reading, the cheat sheet is divided into meat, rice, vegetables and beans sections. You get the recommended cook times and psi (pounds per square inch) information all in one place. There are even quick tips for which setting to use on your Instant Pot. 

“Love this cutting board! No guessing how long to cook anything,” wrote one reviewer. “Before, I had to look everything up to see how long to cook it, not now. This is truly a life saver!”

For $20, this time-saver is well worth it. You have all the information you could ever need right at your fingertips. Not to mention, it can help make the meal prep process much more sanitary. No more using your dirty fingers to scroll through your phone for cook times.

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Instant Pot Official Cutting Board Amazon

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This isn’t just any regular cutting board. It’s dishwasher-safe and has a non-slip trim. Pick from plastic or bamboo material and a couple of different color options so that it matches with the rest of your kitchen’s aesthetic. It’s also 11 by 14 inches and thin, making it both a time-saver and a space-saver.

“This is a sturdy cutting board that is convenient to store. It is a handy size for most jobs and has many of the most used Instant Pot temps and times. It is my go-to board now!” wrote one shopper. 

Compatible with all knives, say goodbye to overcooked meat and undercooked rice.

“I actually have no complaints, it’s exactly what I needed,” wrote another shopper. 

And that’s a wrap for the cheat sheet hack that’ll elevate your meals. The Instant Pot already makes cooking unbelievably easy, but it gets even easier with this handy cutting board.

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