Instagram Introduced Vanishing DMs, In Case You’re Tryna Cheat

Bella Gerard
Instagram Introduced Vanishing DMs, In Case You’re Tryna Cheat
Photo: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

Today in Things We Didn’t Need But I’m Admittedly Curious About: Instagram’s Vanish Mode. This brand-new feature is…sketchy, to say the least, but kind of cool at the same time. You know how you always go to Snapchat to send a risky photo or chat message, knowing that it’ll disappear and you won’t have to spend the next month looking at it and sweating? Apparently, that can now go down in the DMs instead.

Forgive me for going into Mom Mode, but a quick reminder that just because your messages ~disappear~, doesn’t mean they’re really gone. Everything you put online eXiStS fOrEvEr, so I suggest never sending anything you wouldn’t be comfortable with your grandma seeing. OK, lecture over—let’s talk about Instagram Vanish Mode. After teasing a disappearing text feature earlier this year, Vanish Mode is officially a go, and users can enter into it and send messages that leave absolutely no traces behind.

What does this mean exactly? You can send text, photo and even video messages, and poof! They’ll be gone before you know it. Once the message disappears, it’s like it was never there, with no reference to any vanished message left behind. So long as you and the person you’re messaging have both updated your Instagram apps—not everyone has the feature just yet, so be patient and keep trying—all you’ve got to do is swipe up on your chat to activate Vanish Mode.

Once you’ve swipe up, your screen goes black, and you’ll be notified that you’ve entered Vanish Mode. From there, all messages you send will disappear until you either exit the DMs or quit Vanish Mode. Prior to sending, you’ll be able to select a variety of viewing options, including View Once, Allow Replay or Keep in Chat.

TBH, I can’t help but wonder if there’s some tech wizard at Instagram who designed this feature himself just so that he could be sketchy. I ask you: who at Instagram is tryna cheat on their partner?! Personally, I’ll be sticking to Snapchat for all my risky messaging, but if you’re more of a DM person, there’s never been a better time to shoot your ~vanishing~ shot.

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