Another Instagram Update Is Headed Your Way — Say Hello To Longer Video

Cady Lang
Getty Images

Getty Images

As if Instagram hadn’t tested the limits of our love with the influx of post notifications (and desperate people on your timeline begging you to “turn on your notifications“) at the beginning of this week, they’re certainly doing it now with  the introduction of longer video.

That’s right, folks — those 15 second clips of your drunk friends belting out “Bohemian Rhapsody” at karaoke are about to get a whole lot longer — a whole minute longer, to be specific.

Instagram took to its blog yesterday to announce the changes, noting that “longer videos mean more diverse stories from the accounts you love.” The longer clips will no doubt provide that much more time for prime branding opportunities, for both for personal use and for companies.

The update will also allow users to make videos out of multiple clips from their camera roll, a feature that was available during the early days of Instagram video, but was removed later. The longer video feature started rolling out yesterday and will soon be available for all users in coming months.