5 Instagram Trends That Actually Make for Amazing (and Easy!) Halloween Costumes

Halloween Instagram costumes
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We are not Halloween people. There we said it. It’s not like we’re not into the spirit of the holiday or anything like that. It’s just that coming up with a great costume feels like so much work. But of course we still need to dress up—for livening up our Instagram feeds a bit, if nothing else. The whole concept of super Instagram-able costumes got us to thinking—why not make it easy on ourselves and just wear stuff that represents our favorite things to post and hashtag?

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In the past few years, actual Instagram costumes have been big—as in, people holding or wearing big cardboard posters designed to look like the (old!) Instagram logo. You could go that route with any one of these costumes, if you’re feeling ambitious, and frame them that same way. Or you could take it all a little less literally and just wear something that’s kinda-sorta visually similar or at least inspired by one of the Instagram trends we all see popping up on our feeds constantly. Your call.

Originally posted September 2016. Updated September 2017.

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Instagram Trend: #minimalist

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Tie your hair back, wear a white bodysuit and go super-natural with your makeup. White shoes are a nice finish.

Instagram Trend: #monsteraleaf (and #palmleaf and #bananaleaf and #anykindofleaf)

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Grab an actual monstera leaf from a local florist, or carry a convincing fake version while you rock a tropical leaf-print outfit.

Instagram Trend: #tumblrpink

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Put on one of these Tumblr logo stickers, and let the rest of your outfit (like this little pink number) do the talking.

Instagram Trend: #brunch

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Carry a fork in one hand and a knife in the other if you really want to commit. Plus, you can't lose with this shirt.

Instagram Trend: #matchalatte

Photo: instagram

Wear green ombre and wield a to-go coffee cup to drive the point home.

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