10 Perfect Gifts for the Social Media-Lover In Your Life

Jane Asher
10 Perfect Gifts for the Social Media-Lover In Your Life
Photo: Cierra Miller/STYLECASTER.

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There are about a million (give or take) gadgets and devices that can help you capture the best content possible—trust me, as a social media editor, I know. Being on my phone and playing with filters and hashtags and whatnot is (quite literally) my job. So if you’re shopping for the perfect gift to give to the social media guru or aspiring influencer in your life, then I’ve got all the Instagram gift ideas they’re sure to love.

Listen, social media is no joke (well, it is when it comes to memes). It takes more than just pointing and shooting with your iPhone to create quality social media content. And the social media guru in your life would surely attest to that.

There’s a lot more that goes on behind the scenes than you’d realize—from capturing the right light to keeping the phone steady to knowing when a filter is just too much to finalllllly capturing the perfect boomerang. And yet, to anyone else viewing the content, it all looks so of the moment and effortless and, dare I say, instantaneous—which, after all, is exactly the point of Instagram, no?

Luckily, we live in a world where portable lighting and phone-stabilizing tools exist. Not only that, but other products that don’t necessarily have to do with your phone exist, too—like blue light-blocking glasses and posture-correcting devices, which are essential to keeping me from hunching over and staring at my screen all day. A healthy social media editor is a happy social media editor.

So, if you’re shopping for someone trying to level up their content quality (or maybe you’re just shopping for yourself—no shame), we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling to shop the tools that I—a social media editor and, therefore, a super serious expert on the subject—use every day to help me be the best social media star I can be. #CONTENT.

STYLECASTER | Social Media Gift Guide

PopSockets PopGrip

I swear by my PopSockets phone grip. It keeps my phone stable and steady, so I can take all the photos and videos I need without it slipping out of my hands.

STYLECASTER | social media gift guide | BaubleBar x Off My Case

Personalized Phone Case

These customizable cases are perfect for mirror selfies.

social media gift guide fujifilm instax mini link

Pocket-Sized Smartphone Printer (Sponsored)

Connect the FUJIFILM INSTAX MINI LINK™ Smartphone Printer to your phone via Bluetooth and you can print your latest ‘grammable moments within seconds after you’ve taken the photo. The free INSTAX MINI LINK App allows you to print and share photos with family & friends and allows you to add fun frames & filters to your photos.


STYLECASTER | social media gift guide | Pizel eyewear blue light glasses

Blue Light-Blocking Glasses

If you’re going to be staring at a screen for hours on end, you should make an effort to protect your eyes—they’re the only pair you’ve got!

STYLECASTER | social media gift guide | clip on selfie light

Clip-On Selfie Light

This portable and re-chargeable ring light is perfect for all your on-the-go lighting needs. *Chef’s kiss*

STYLECASTER | social media gift guide | phone stabilizer gimbal

Phone Stabilizer

Say goodbye to shaky footage with this stabilizing gimbal that is well worth the higher price tag.

STYLECASTER | social media gift guide | Cover FX Water Cloud Primer + Pollution & Blue Light Defense

Cover FX Water Cloud Primer + Pollution & Blue Light Defense Skin Protectant

Just like your eyes, your skin needs protection from harmful HEV light (aka blue light), which this primer does so well. Shop more blue-light shielding beauty products here.

STYLECASTER | social media gift guide | external battery pack

Portable Phone Charger

If I could charge myself with this battery pack I would. An absolute necessity in my line of work, especially one that comes with two USB ports.

STYLECASTER | social media gift guide | Upright GO Posture Trainer

Posture Trainer & Corrector

Today’s work culture requires us to sit at a desk all day, and working on a phone makes the desk-hunch that much worse. This handy device vibrates every time it detects you’re slouching and comes with a handy app, complete with exercises that promote better posture.

STYLECASTER | social media gift guide |

Mark and Graham Universal Cord Case

A cute and compact way to store your cords without them getting tangled? We’re SO in. Plus, you can get it monogrammed!