You Can Finally Fix Annoying Typos on Instagram

Leah Bourne
instamain You Can Finally Fix Annoying Typos on Instagram

Photo: Instagram

Since the dawn of Instagram (that would be 2010, for those not keeping track) whenever you made a typo in your photo’s caption you’d have to delete your entire photo and re-upload it to fix it (or simply deal with the error). Needless to say, it was a major pain.

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Finally—finally!—Instagram is rolling out an update that’ll allow its users to edit captions once they’ve been published. In a blog post explaining the update, the photo sharing app said the feature is “one of the top requests that we’ve heard from the community.” So now, if you update your Instagram app, you will now see an edit option alongside delete and share.

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Besides this update, Instagram has expanded its Explore page by adding a new tab called People, which appears to be a way to promote specific users, and going forward, possibly expand its sponsored content.

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