What “It” Fashion Accessories Get the Most Likes on Instagram?

Mary Peffer
What “It” Fashion Accessories Get the Most Likes on Instagram?
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From Jeremy Scott’s Moschino-meets-McDonald’s iPhone cases to Chanel’s graphic sunglasses, over-the-top accessories—many with hints of kitsch—are totally trending on Instagram. Let’s examine.

Buzzy products debuting on the runway are increasingly shoppable—at times mere moments after they’ve hit the catwalk—on sites like Net-a-Porter and ShopSuperStreet, and for fashion lovers they can pretty hard to pass up (Ed. note: I definitely caved and impulse-bought the $85 Moschino iPhone case that looks like a mirror moments after it debuted on the Spring 2015 runway.)

Naturally, it’s become practically a ritual now to celebrate designer purchases with obligatory photos of your brand-new toy on Instagram. But are pricey props actually increasing Instagram users’ Insta-larity and leading to more likes? Are they as fun to scroll past as they are to style for a quick pic?

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The verdict after perusing through various photos of Insta-stars hamming it up with the help of some luxe accessories? The more of a statement the accessory is, the more likes you’ll get. Lace Maison Michel headbands and Chanel’s retro round sunglasses had a particularly high rate of likes on Instagram, while classic Chanel bags and Ray-Bans proved to be duds in the Insta-larity competition. The exception to the rule? Kylie Jenner, who can post pretty much anything with a high rate of likes, even a minimalist Givenchy bag.

Scroll through the gallery above to see what fashion accessories got Insta-stars—from Paris Hilton to Song of Style’s Aimee Song—the most likes and share your favorite prop pics with us by tagging @stylecaster on Instagram.

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Do pricey accesories used as Instagram props actually increase your Insta-larity? Here’s a round-up of our favorite Insta-stars hamming it up with the help of some luxe accessories. See which accessories turned into the most likes. 


Pharrell Williams in Chanel Sunglasses On @Pharrell

Number Of Followers: 3,968,473
Likes: 131,000
Likes Per Follower: 3.3%

Arguably the most likable entertainer around, somehow Pharrell manages to make even sunglasses that sell for a whopping $6,200 fun and approachable. 


Lucky Editor Eva Chen And Her Moschino Accessories On @Evachen212

Likes: 4,943
Number Of Followers: 286,914
Likes Per Follower: 1.7%

Lucky magazine's Editor posted a pic of her playful collection of Moschino iPhone cases. They remind us of our childhood and you can tell from the photo she's have a good time. 


Paris Hilton and Her Moschino iPhone Case On @Parishilton

Number of Followers: 3,399,592
Likes: 52,000
Likes Per Follower: 1.5%

Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott has dubbed miss Paris Hilton, “Real Life Barbie”. Here, she’s snapped ironically doing what she does best, looking into the mirror. The girl can take a joke.


Blogger Aimee Song Shows Off Her Ray-Bans On @SongofStyle

Number of Followers: 1,856,569
Likes: 21,600
Likes Per follower: 1%

Blogger Aimee Song snapped this pic while in South Africa. Yes, a girl can never have too many sunglasses. 

Kylie Jenner and Her Swoon Worthy Givenchy Bag On @Kyliejenner

Number of Followers: 13 Million
Likes: 694,237
Likes Per Follower: 5.3% 

Admit it, you follow Kylie Jenner too. We like the shout-out apology for breaking sister Kendall’s house rules in the image caption and that Givenchy bag isn’t too shabby either. 

Blogger Chriselle Lim and a Vivienne Westwood Hat On @Chrisellelim

Number of Followers: 384,585
Likes: 6,520
Likes Per Follower: 1.6%

Just when you think everyone is sick of the famous Vivienne Westwood hat, LA blogger and mom-to-be, Chriselle Lim cracks a joke about needing her thinking cap to settle on her next meal. 

Blogger Tina Craig and a Chanel Bag On @Bagsnob

Number of Followers: 153,000
Likes: 2,322
Likes Per Follower: 1.5%

Well, it’s Chanel. And she’s eating it. Pure gold. 

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