Everything You Need To Know About Instagram’s New Direct Feature

Meghan Blalock

If you’ve ever wanted to share your Instagram posts with only select people, as opposed to your entire list of followers, then today is your lucky day! The social media company announced this morning that it just launched a feature called “Direct,” which (as the name implies) allows users to send photos and videos directly to people they hand-select, instead of posting it to their entire feed.

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What That Means: As it stands, when you post a photo or video to Instagram, it gets dropped into all of your followers’ feeds indiscriminately. The new ‘Direct’ feature adds a tab when you’re posting, and if you select Direct, a list of all your followers will pop up. From there, you pick who you want to share the post with. Then it gets sent to them directly, much like a Direct Message on Twitter, or a private message on Facebook.

When This Could Be Useful: If, like Kim Kardashian, you have a fondness for taking nearly-naked selfies, but (unlike Kim Kardashian), you’d rather keep it for a only a certain person’s set of eyes, this will allow you to do so. Or, if you have a little too much fun at a party and want to document it, but don’t want your co-workers to see, this is how you can do that too.

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Watch the video below for a great example of how to use it!