Instagram 6.0 is Here! Everything You Need To Know About the New Editing Tools

Photo perfectionists, rejoice: Instagram is finally rolling out a large-scale update that’ll include nine previously unavailable features like the ability to play with contrast, saturation, shadows, brightness, temperature, highlights and sharpness, as well as control the strength of every filter. In other words, Instagram 6.0 is trying to eradicate our need for third-party editing apps.

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instagram 6.0

“People come to Instagram today to post their photos but haven’t come back to edit their photos” Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom told TechCrunch, which is certainly a true statement among fashion bloggers and serious Instagram users who—before sharing images—typically run them through apps like VSCOS, Camera+, Pixlr, and others that offer tools to adjust things like lighting and saturation, as well as offer cooler, less overplayed filters.

Instagram 6.0 launches today, though we still haven’t seen that little red circle pop up alterting us to the fact that our apps need to be updated, but we’ll keep checking.