Inspired by Alex Wang


In a slew of backstage video interviews for StyleCaster, no one even came close to being as excited, animated, and full of amazing soundbites as everyone’s favorite downtown designer, Alexander Wang. Easiest interview of the week. I mean, I essentially didn’t even really need to be there. Seriously. I asked him one key question about what had inspired the spring collection, and he took it and ran for ten straight minutes, intelligently and eloquently explaining how he was influenced by such diverse muses as Miami Vice, art deco, sports and athleticism, and of course, his perpetual muse, Thou Lady of Chic Grunge.

Wang was confident, calm, and utterly exuberant–an inspiration in and of himself.

P.S. Confidential to Alex: It’s super cute that you’re wearing the backstage pass to your own show, but I don’t think you’d get kicked out without it.