Insider Wish List: StyleCaster’s Graphic Designer Rolando Robínson

Insider Wish List: StyleCaster’s Graphic Designer Rolando Robínson
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Shopping for the perfect holiday gift can be a challenge of epic proportion, especially when it comes to buying for those types of people who shop all year round (ahem, us!). To help filter through a sea of products, we turned to industry insiders to curate holiday wish lists that spell out exactly what they want this year.

Next up: Our own graphic designer Rolando Robínson, who spills on his holiday must-haves—from the extravagant (a Dries van Noten feathered tunic) to the accessible (a set of blank journals)—and plenty in between!

Read on and let us know: What do YOU want this holiday season?

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From blank journals to Dries Van Noten, click through to see what StyleCaster's very own Rolly Robínson wants this season! 

Acne Rita Moto Jacket, $1,150; at Acne
There's always that one staple in your wardrobe that you know will outlive you. I've been on an exhaustive hunt for the perfect motorcycle jacket this season. Acne just hits all the points."

Blank Journals, $8; at Etsy
Shen Plum, one of my favorite artists who I've been following for years, sells the cutest assortment of goodies with her prints on them. I'm kind of obsessed with her style of illustration.


Karen Walker Sunglasses, $349; at Karen Walker
"I'm notorious for 'throwing shade,' so why not with a new pair of sunnies? I'm obsessed with everything Karen Walker does. I really enjoy the structure and the cut of these cat-eye frames. Meow!"

Glass Terrarium, $150; at Etsy
"I grew up in nature, so I constantly need some form of it around me. A terrarium is something I don't yet have in my room. I love the idea of a mini greenhouse perched among the rest of my things."

Gold Flatware Sets, $29-$104; at West Elm
"I'm in the market for a new apartment, and absolutely love the idea of having gold silverware. It's so chic and adds a different experience to dining. These will be such a great addition to my kitchen."


Dries Van Noten Feather Tunic, $879; at Barneys
"Dries, Dries, and more Dries! Over the years, I've obtained enough Dries to curate a small collection! This piece would be a mighty fine addition."

Stag Head, White Faux Taxidermy, $119; at WFT
"C'mon. Who doesn't want a stag head with glitter antlers? It's just perfect."

What Will I Wear Today, at Amazon
Fifi Lapin has been on my radar since the beginning, and has been an inspiration in my own work. I haven't gotten around to buying her first book yet, but it'd be an amazing addition to my library. She's just so cute!

Hache Shearling Clutch, $525; at Farfetch
As I was designing a collage here at StyleCaster, this clutch was in an image I used, though I had no idea who made it until I came upon it while browsing. I think that's fate, no?

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