Inside the Cost of Prince Charles’ Favorite $4,000 Riding Boots

Leah Bourne

itco 5 slideshow Inside the Cost of Prince Charles Favorite $4,000 Riding BootsOne of the hottest fashion items for fall is undoubtedly riding boots (the activity of riding, is, of course, optional). While brands like Ralph Lauren and Gucci have dived heavily into the trend, Etiqueta Negra Casa Fagliano boots, favored by the likes of Prince Charles and the Argentine polo team, are the gold standard. To find out what makes the boots so special (and so costly)—they run a staggering $4,000—we went to the source, Founder, President and Designer of Etiqueta Negra, Federico Alvarez Castillo.
Castillo founded Etiqueta Negra, based in Buenos Aires, in 2003, looking to offer luxurious and timeless staples for men. Castillo told us the brand fuses his “love of design and passion for both rare vintage cars and Argentina’s rich polo tradition.” After launching Etiqueta Negra, Castillo teamed up with Casa Fagliano, a family run company based in Hurlingham, Argentina, and has been around since 1892, to create these exclusive polo boots.
The boots are entirely handmade, can take up to eight weeks to produce, and require 50 hours of labor to complete. Made of horse hide leather, “each bespoke pair features heavy stitching on the sole, sturdy zippers and fortified bronze buckles offering strong reinforcements and heels adapted for the sport,” Castillo says.
It’s not just anyone hand-making these boots. “Skilled craftsman that have perfected their craft through decades of training are handed-picked by the Fagliano family to build each pair of these custom boots,” Castillo says. “The tradition has been passed down through the generations.”
According to Castillo, “The boots can be worn on the field or in the city streets or in the countryside over the weekend. The handiwork and superior quality leather makes this a collector piece for any wardrobe.” We would have to agree. And getting to dress like the heir to the British throne? That’s priceless.
Etiqueta Negra Casa Fagliano boots are available in brown and black at Etiqueta Negra’s New York City and Miami stores by special order. For more information visit