Inside Levi Johnston’s Vanity Fair Shoot


In case you always wished you could see Alaska from your backyard, Vanity Fair is giving you a little inside taste of your favorite female VP-contender (sort of). Sarah Palin’s daughter’s baby’s daddy (that’s a mouthful, but you understand) Levi Johnston was chosen for a VF spread shot by Mark Seliger in their September Issue.

The article itself is a barrage of Sarah Palin slams from Johnston, from the claim that she wanted to adopt his unborn son as her own, to a possible depression.

While you fight the anger at the fact that Bristol Palin was labeled a teenage whore, and this sandy-haired tall drink of water gets a fashion spread (oh, the double standards of America), the behind the scenes video posted above is also quite amusing. Watch Levi look uncomfortable in Armani. Watch Levi wear a harness for his Top Model-esque shoot on a skyscraper that would make Tyra proud. Then watch Levi get nude photo advice from his unexplained “advisor” Tank Jones. (Where was Tank when Levi should have purchased that pack of Trojans?) Really, Vanity Fair…really?


Pitch to VH1 for a new reality show: Tank and Levi: Eskimo-style. Watch an aspiring model and struggling new father field his way through the unfamiliar entertainment industry, armed only with only his large, black life coach for advice and a diploma from the School of Hard Knocks. Then watch as Levi dates Kristin Cavallari.

Yet another reason why having a baby with your 17 year old boyfriend isn’t high on the list of smart life choices.