The Ins and Outs of White House Style


The White House knows how to keep things top secret, but with Michelle Obama, they now have to worry about information leaks of a new kind- what the first lady will be wearing. WWD spoke with her press secretary, Katie McCormick Lelyveld, to get to the bottom of how they deal with the high level of interest in the not-so classified information.

“It is not an announcement from the office. We simply let folks know on the nights of big events like the ballet, state dinners and events hosted here, or when she is traveling. Of course, there is a great interest on higher-profile nights and for those periodic requests, we let pool reporters know. Otherwise, for daytime trips or daytime activities that she might do, like taking the kids to school, or hosting a service event, which occur more frequently and are lower profile, we obviously do not announce anything. But for the big events, there is a great interest.”

But what about the Time 100 dinner, a very high interest event, when they got the dress wrong? Even the White House makes mistakes.