Reviewers Say You’ll ‘Sleep Like an Angel’ With This Noise-Canceling Infinity Pillow, Whether On the Go or In Your Own Bed

Maya Gandara
Reviewers Say You’ll ‘Sleep Like an Angel’ With This Noise-Canceling Infinity Pillow, Whether On the Go or In Your Own Bed

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Whether you’re jetting out to a faraway land or simply taking a weekend excursion, you always want to make sure you’ve got the necessary essentials on hand for comfort, especially if it’s a long journey. Trains, planes and automobiles often pose a less than ideal sleep situation—that’s why you’ll see a majority of travelers with infinity pillows at the ready. They can easily transform a window sill, rigid seat or table into a much more cozy and snug experience.

Look no further than Infinity Pillow Co. itself, a travel brand carrying comfort essentials, including its game-changing Infinity Pillow. The product twists and wraps to your ideal fit to enhance the the space you’re occupying, including when sitting in the middle seat of a plane or at your office or home desk. It offers neck support, lumbar support and even doubles as both an eye mask and a noise-canceling pillow. 

Infinity Pillow

Infinity Pillow Co.

Infinity Pillow

The multi-layer design “magically feels supportive, buttery soft and like a cloud” all at the same time, according to the brand. Plus, its 360-degree maneuvering offers full adjustability whenever, wherever you are. It’s made with temperature regulating bamboo materials that keep you cool when it’s warm, and warm when it’s cool. Last but not least, you can toss the pillow in the washing machine without it losing its original form or cushioned feel.

No matter where you take it, shoppers say you’ll “sleep like an angel,” including when sleeping next to a partner. “I have had my Infinity pillow now for over 3 years after my mom told me that hers was her saving grace,” shared one reviewer who takes it everywhere they go. “In the car, on the road, traveling for work… It works to block the light when I need it to and even my husband’s snoring that keeps me up at night. Bought my family a set and EVERYONE swears by it. Even my dogs love it!”

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“I carried my infinity pillow with me to Portugal and Kenya in November. It was so versatile,” raved another customer. “I could use it to support my lower back, or as a pillow to sleep on an airport bench, or even doubled and looped through the ends to support my neck and to cover my ears and eyes for a restful sleep. I am a travel agent so I am always looking for useful tools to help me and my clients.”

The Infinity Pillow comes in 6 different colors for $45 each. Grab other travel essentials from the brand, like the bamboo sleep mask.

Infinity Bamboo Sleep Mask 2

Infinity Pillow Co.

Bamboo Sleep Mask 2

This bamboo sleep mask brings total darkness and comfort when you sleep without leaving creases in your hair.

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