Infamous ‘Bling Ring’ Robbers Stole Miranda Kerr’s Victoria’s Secret Underwear

Spencer Cain

Technically, Miranda Kerr isn’t a Victoria’s Secret Angel anymore, but during her tenure as a face of the lingerie giant, people apparently really wanted to get their hands on her underwear. In fact, some wanted her skivvies so badly that they even took to breaking into the L.A. home she shares with hubby Orlando Bloom to get them.

Of course, we’re talking the infamous group of teenage robbers dubbed “The Bling Ring” who ransacked celebrity homes throughout Los Angeles in 2009 in search of pricey designer duds and cash. While it’s common knowledge that they snagged serious high-end merchandise, like Rolexes and Chanel bags, we were unaware of their interest in scoring victim’s intimates.

According to Vanity Fair‘s Nancy Jo Sales, whose column on the crime spree was adapted for Sofia Coppola‘s upcoming film “The Bling Ring,” the teenagers’ fascination with celebrity culture propelled them to steal. “Their obsession with underwear had something to do with this whole pornification thing. They wanted to look sexy—and looking sexy in a celebrity’s clothes, well that’s even sexier. Especially Miranda Kerr’s,” she said.

No word on whether or not they scored any other pricey items Kerr’s worn in Victoria’s Secret fashion shows, but they apparently pilfered enough for her and Bloom to immediately notice their possessions were missing and contact authorities. Their underwear stealing spree didn’t stop with Kerr—they were said to have taken quite a bit of Paris Hilton‘s underwear as well. Honestly, let’s just hope they washed it before they wore it.

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