The Inevitable “Girls” Parody, “Boys,” is Finally Here

Spencer Cain

Many took issue with Lena Dunham‘s smash HBO show Girls. The word “nepotism” was thrown around (thanks to many of the cast members having somewhat famous and wealthy parents), its lack of diversity was criticized, and generally, a lot of people felt that it glorified a generation of apathetic brats whose lives are governed by their iPhones. Well, we didn’t really feel that way. In fact, most of us at the office (and at the Emmys committee, apparently) loved it.

Now, the parody we’ve all been waiting for is here. Los Angeles-based filmmaker Peter Moses has put together Boys, a tale of jaded Angelenos who refuse to work more than 30 hours a week so they can focus on their “artistic endeavors.” Of course, there are some awesome jabs at Girls. The show is “directed” by Wolf Blitzer‘s son, Bear Blitzer, an obvious reference to lead actress Allison Williams, whose father is NBC newsman Brian Williams.

Watch the video and let us know what you think. We’re a little disappointed that it’s not a real show!

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